What we can do for you

We, the latest generation of the F. North Clark family, are proud to be entrusted with the tradition of helping our neighbors. For over 130 years we have assisted our neighbors with their insurance choices and stood with them during times of loss.

We are here to help you. We understand that buying insurance is complex and claims can be unpleasant. We want to make the process simple and pleasant. We sit with you. Ask questions about you, your family and your goals. And, we listen. We then help you determine what your realistic insurance requirements are.

Over the years we have developed relationships with many insurance companies with unique strengths. We will help you choose the company that fits you best.

We are here to answer questions, to advise and help you with your claims.

Our goal is help you determine your realistic insurance needs and provide you the level of service you deserve. The best testimony to how well we are doing is to ask your neighbors. Good chance is they are members of the F. North Clark family of clients.